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10¹² | Terra Hydro

May 10, 2015

10 12 Terra Hydro
10¹² | Terra Hydro is terrarium vase with the purpose to observe the plant and its underwater growth. Made by Japanese brand 10¹² | Terra, vase is made of glass and black solder. Two halves of the vase separate allowing the change of the water and roots of the plant to be submerged below water. Handmade Terra Hydro is perfect terrarium vase for all those botany lovers that instead of the flowers in the vase like to observe the roots of their alive plant.

The founders of the brand Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada say that “the name of the brand 10¹² | Terra was inspired by the number of cells produced per day (10¹²) and glass cases called terrarium, made for collecting and showcasing plants. We started this brand to create products that mirror the constant changes of life, full of new discovery,” they add.

10¹² Terra Hydro in two different sizes is available at La Garçonnne / 10¹² TERRA shop

10 12 Terra Hydro 1
10 12 Terra Hydro 2

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