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A Read: Faculty Department

September 23, 2015

Faculty-Department-BookFaculty Department is a wonderful and inspiring book / visual project of photographer Justin Chung that offers glimpse into lives, spaces and intimate moments of creative individuals worldwide. These visual essays together with written word showcase lives of 13 individuals who had made a personal impact on author. Among them are Tokuhiko Kise of legendary Truck Furniture and Bird, Lauren Snyder from Primary Essentials and editor of The Paris Review Lorin Stein.

Intention of the photographer was to show creative force behind their lives, process of creating and moments of daily routine. Chung believes that “these vignettes offer a rich perspective on these individuals’ philosophies and approach to life; things we can all learn from, or simply appreciate.”

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Lauren Snyder, owner of Primary Essentials

Kristoffer Dahy Ernst of Double Projects

Editor of The Paris Review Lorin Stein

Feature of Truck Furniture and Tokuhiko Kise


images are courtesy of Justin Chung/ Faculty Department

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