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Apothecary: Marble & Milkweed

April 24, 2015

marble milkweed 1Marble & Milkweed is a delightful little apothecary where its owner Briar Winters with her artful hands mixes and with alchemical magic creates natural elixirs that nourish skin and body. As interesting name usually hides an interesting story, the story of Marble & Milkweed started with search for a clawfoot bathtub that this former pastry chef began to use for soaking muscles after long working hours at Swedish restaurant. This personal ritual was just destined to become a homegrown business, first located in home at Rivington Street and then moved to the loft studio in Tribeca.

This lovely botanical factory uses organic and fair trade ingredients so we know rose geranium hydrosols are distilled in the Pacific Northwest, ginger lily is from India, sandalwoods are from Australian wilderness, beeswax in lip tints is local, chamomile is German girl and organic leafy galbanum is a friend from France. With every product in Marble & Milkweed online shop comes detailed explanation that reads like poetry, and Briar is committed in telling how to adjust the product to daily rituals of her costumers.

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While skincare products are full of soothing botanicals, tea range is a blend of pure poetry and finest chai ingredients for refreshing one’s spirit. We are so tempted to try Fleurs + Cacao, “the perfect brew for a cozy, romantic evening when the wind is howling at the door” or Green Glow Elixir, based on organic Sencha tea leaves “handpicked on a cool Japanese spring day”.

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Marble and Milkweed appears to be a brilliant savior for all those folks on non-chemical ingredients diets that are so clumsy with mixing their own homemade products. And yes, the way we care for ourselves is connected the way we care for nature. Therefore, sophisticated packaging with minimalistic heritage flair writes it’s own story- paper bags are compostable, glass bottles and metal tins are reusable and  “can have lives beyond their first use”.

visit Marble & Milkweed Online Shop / and Briar’s lovely blog Analog Beauty 

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marble-milkweed-17images via Marble & Milkweed / by Christine Han for Madesmith / by Erin Boyle for Gardenista

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