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Ceramics Artist: Romy No

December 16, 2015

NO. Ceramics Romy Northover Pottery ArtistOver the last couple of years, the ceramic objects have emerged again as an important form of contemporary arts. The ceramic objects inspire us from the galleries and shops’ displays. With their dual character, the clay objects are, for sure, the new artwork we want possess. From the many artists and artisans who embrace this ancient medium today, there are a few whose names can be remembered easily. Ceramic artist Romy Northover is one of them. Her ceramics brand is simply titled No.. Its meditative aesthetic, known to those objects that are formed by a hand is simultaneously calm, collected and joyful.

For Romy, who holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College London, the clay represents a way of communication. Pottery relies on the traditions and techniques that have a long history. The desire for learning was the reason to move to New York City, where, in 2012, the artist joined the studio of artist Togei Kyoshitsu. Today, she combines the knowledge of Japanese ceramic techniques with her own intuition. The NO. bowls and vases are unique because of their simplicity, soft beauty and a hint of spontaneity. They also minimize that distinction between fine and practical. Because they can be characterized as both. The beautiful objects always form a collection, while the creator is driven by progression and changes. She names her style “ancient-future” and has a good point; ceramics is all about creating a new language under an old form.

NO. Romy Northover Ceramics

NO. Art Ceramics / Romy Northover
Ceramic Plates from Moon Tide Collection

NO. Contemporary Ceramics/ Romy Northover / Unconditional Magazine
Romy Northover Ceramics in Unconditional Magazine

NO. White Ceramic Vase / Romy Northover Ceramics
Cairo Ceramic Vases

NO. Ceramic Vases / Romy Northover Ceramics
Ceramic Vase from Mountain Bolt Collection / Vuela Boutique

NO. Ceramics Collaboration with Artist Caroline Denervaud
Romy Northover collaboration with artist Caroline Denervaud


NO. Ceramics Romy Northover x Cereal Magazine
NO. Ceramics Romy Northover x Cereal Magazine / Ceramic Painting
NO. Ceramics Romy Northover x Cereal Magazine / Ceramic Painting
NO. Ceramics Romy Northover x Cereal Magazine / Contemporary Ceramics
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Romy Northover Ceramic Bowl / NO. Ceramics
Ceramic Bowl from Moon Tide Collection


Romy Northover Ceramics / The Line
Romy Northover Ceramics / The Apartment by The Line
Romy Northover Ceramics / The Line NYC / Contemporary Pottery
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Romy Northover Black Ceramic Vases
No. Black Ceramic Cups / Association

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