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PEOPLE: Lemaire Duo

February 5, 2015

Christophe-Lemaire-and-Sarah-Linh TranChristophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran are life partners and design duo behind Lemaire label. Both down to earth and normal, they are quite anonymous and far from typical in-vogue couples that are chasing after photographers and hype. The two met nine years ago while Christophe was working as creative director at Lacoste and after realizing they share the same aesthetics they decided to join creative forces. Lemaire who has always been a quiet but talented outsider who is insider, started his eponymous label devoted to minimalism, simplicity and impeccable tailoring back in 1992. In the meantime his biography became quite capacious; after successful ten-year role at Lacoste he was appointed at Hermes as creative director of women’s ready to wear, but last year he stepped down from his position at heritage giant to focus on its own independent brand. Lemaire label that was a bit quiet over the years but always present through small independent boutiques, experienced real evolution when Sarah-Linh became a partner. Not just a muse, Tran is art director and generally in charge of visual identity of the brand, and also involved in design process of womenswear line.

Christophe Lemaire et Sarah Linh backstage at SS 2015
The effortless style that Lemaire brand stands for is an honest projection from partners’ personal lives; everything in this story is without calculations, and happens in very natural and intimate way. Couple is neither interested in gathering riches, playing of PR games nor contributing to fashion hysteria. They are simply into designing realistic wardrobe that is wearable, trendless and without anxious energy of perpetual newness that’s fashion industry obsessed about. The two represent the new idea of a quiet luxury that embodies philosophy of usefulness and it’s about buying better and buying less. And we like that serene air of easygoing and collected utility ways that these two bring to the flamboyant and usually irrational circus of fashion. And culturally speaking, now is the right moment for that.

images courtesy of magazine

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