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Cosmic Wonder

February 22, 2016

Yukinori Maeda Cosmic Wonder

Cosmic Wonder is a conceptual project integrating clothing, artwork, publishing and performance founded in 1997 by artist Yukinori Maeda. Center for Cosmic Wonder with its Tokyo store is a platform for three integrated projects; Cosmic Wonder (art), Cosmic Wonder Free Press (publishing) and  Cosmic Wonder Light Source (clothing line). The last one has a special errand – to weave the study on various aspects of light into clothing designs, so the wearer can transmit the balance and warmth to the environment. With its profound philosophy, Cosmic Wonder has always been a synonym for innovativeness and creativity, and a space that gathers together a talented global community of contributors.

In 2014, Cosmic Wonder took the new step in its evolution by focusing on the natural materials and sustainable methods of clothing production. Exploring the traditional Japanese techniques including natural plant dyes, they are preserving the old ways while embracing the newness of the future.  Last year, they introduced Kamikoromo, the paper robes made of handmade washi paper along with the Kamino-hikarino-awa water ceremony, described in a limited-edition book available in their online store. Their newest collection for SS15, entitled Hakkaku-shinka Kanto, is an ensemble of the innovative workwear-inspired garments made of kudzu, hemp and organic cotton.

Cosmic Wonder website / online store


Cosmic Wonder Clothing SS16
Kumihimo belt and kicho-musubi, both made of hemp threads / Hemp work coat with the texture of antique okuso clothes. Okuso are the waste fibers from the production of asa (hemp) threads.

Cosmic Wonder Clothing SS16
Kudzu-fu haori jacket in natural color of kudzu plants, inspired by kantoi work clothing. Kudzu-fu, regarded as a primitive material, is woven of threads made of the bast fibers of the kudzu stem.

Cosmic Wonder Clothing SS16
Kumihimo is a craft of braiding threads together to make cords. Kicho-musubi is a Japanese traditional tying technique / Hemp work coat in Ryukyu indigo, produced by a skilled dyer in Kyoto.


Cosmic Wonder Water Ceremony Book
Cosmic Wonder Water Ceremony
Cosmic Wonder Water Ceremony
Cosmic Wonder Water Ceremony
“Under an April sky, the water ceremony Kamino-hikarino-awa was performed by Cosmic Wonder with Kogei Punks Sha. Visitors were invited to drink the spring water welling up from the foot of the mountain.Deep inside a forest of Japanese cedar, the story of a natural journey was told in words and quiet gestures. Our thoughts were calmed by the rustling sounds of paper. Mountaintops shimmered in bowls of water and wild sakura petals drifted down through the air.” / book

Cosmic Wonder Kamikormo
Techniques for the production of traditional paper clothing Kamikormo are still practiced in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture. Dress from AW15 collection.

Setta traditional Japanese sandals
Setta, traditional Japanese sandals braided with bamboo skin / from Natural Breathing collection

Yukinori Maeda Cosmic Wonder Yukinori Maeda Cosmic Wonder
Yukinori Maeda’s installation shown at the “You reach out –right now- for something: Questioning the Concept of Fashion” exhibition marked the new beginning for Cosmic Wonder

images courtesy of Cosmic Wonder / Yurie Nagashima

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