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Desert Diaries

June 25, 2015

Photographer and artist Angela de la Agua in 2011 left the big city lights for natural wonders and beauties of Joshua Tree desert. There, in her barefoot wanderings, which are also captured as self-portraits, she develops a deeply intimate relationship with the desert, the Sun, and the Moon. The photographs of Angela’s desert wanderings published on her Dear Desert Diary on Tumblr reveal a completely new possibility of existence and fearless living that are interlaced with divine that surround us on our planet. Therefore, in the desert her camera is her divination tool that leads her to discover connections between the land, her body and the divine while this process is her daily devotion and meditation.

Some of the photographs featured here are part of her new book that is published by Paper Chase Press. Entitled Water in The Desert, the intention of the book is to communicate with others the sacred intimacy and quietness of her experiences so that they can feel the same peace and connection. She‘s assured that the stillness and sacredness of one’s meditation can touch the lives of others so her wish is that the reader/observer is touched by the love and light she experienced when the images were first captured and while she was making the book.

the book is available here / visit Angela’s shop here

images are courtesy of Angela de la Agua

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