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Ode to Modernist Masterpieces

November 13, 2015

Down the long driveway, you’ll see it is a book by photographer Mary Gaudin that celebrates selected modernist New Zealand homes built between 1950 and 1974. Modernism had a huge impact on architecture of New Zealand and left a vast heritage of dwelling examples dedicated to the movement. During earthquake in 2011 many notable modernist houses were damaged or completely ruined, therefore photographer’s desire was to record those that remained.

Through beautiful imagery, the photo book presents 14 homes together with interior details that highlight this remarkable alliance between craftsmanship and design. Although book features works of legendary architects such as Helmut Einhorn or Ernst Plischke, the idea of the book was not to document residences in purely architectural terms but to show them in the contemporary context. Author also wanted to reveal the human side of the objects and find out how people living in these homes perceive these mid-century masterpieces.

Mary Gaudin website / book

Einhorn House in Wellington, designed by architect Helmut Einhorn / 1950

McKenzie House designed by Cedric Firth / 1958

Down the long driveway, you’ll see it; The title for the book comes from the e-mail in which Bruce Martin is giving directions for his home built and designed in 1971 by architect John Scott

Orr-Walker House designed by Mark Brown & Allan Fairhead / 1965

McKenzie House designed by Cedric Firth / 1958

McKenzie House

Alington House designed by William Alington / 1963

Lang House designed by Ernst Plischke / 1953

Down-the-Long-Driveway-You'll-See-It-Book-by-Mary-Gaudin-9Wood House designed by Ted Wood / 1975

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