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Eclectic Sydney Warehouse

March 17, 2015

This bright and charming Sydney studio is home of freelance photographer Penny Lane that we noticed on The Design Files. The open plan warehouse that used to be a chocolate factory back in the days now is photographer’s studio and living space that she shares with her lovely puppy Rocky Raccoon. After moving in, Penny painted everything white including old kitchen elements and floors, and filled the space with greenery to bring the liveliness of nature indoors.

There are so many details in apartment; still it’s so simple and clean that you get the feeling that everything really belongs here and nowhere else. Carefully selected artwork and objects from tenant’s friends and local artists and her photography prints together with exceptional furniture pieces (some of them are charity shops catches) and plants in pots painted by owner form eclectic, yet serene and bright living space. We adore that antique Ralli quilt from Pakistan that lays over white sofa and antique Korean screen that embellishes tiny mezzanine bedroom, one more star of the place. We have nothing to add, except note to Penny; “If you ever decide to leave this space, please inform us, we could move to Australia!”

Sydney_PennyLane_Warehouse 1
images Eve Wilson, production Lucy Feagins // for The Design Files

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