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Everyday Minimalist Objects

January 15, 2016

Janaki Larsen Ceramics / Everyday Objects Design / Minimalist ObjectsWith so many fine design objects and home accessories available today, it’s so easy to get charmed and even easier to get caught in a trap of an assembling activity of “too many things”. Therefore, our everyday lives constantly demand the practice of curating. And even if we are devoted to minimalist living, it is crucial to understand the principles of simplicity. Then we perceive objects as they truly are, somehow understanding better their aesthetical, utilitarian or even a purely decorative purpose. And we easily can forget about those things that will be useless to us. When our mind is composed and we are in the state of clarity, we perceive beauty with an absence of pretentiousness, which leads us to good decision making and curating, both in our spaces and everyday lives.

In the selection below, we listed more than a few beautiful minimalist objects and whilst some of these have purpose and beauty, some are just decorative objects. As we said, it’s so easy to become a collector, but being the curator is a true challenge. And always be aware that you cannot write in two notebooks, no matter how pretty they are, at the same time.


Silver Incense Holder by Japanese artist Mami Hasegawa / Japanese Decor

Silver Incense Holder by Japanese artist Mami Hasegawa / via mjolk

Play Throw by Faye Toogood / Art Object
Play Throw by Faye Toogood

Terra Collection by Association Shop / Home Objects
Terra Collection by Association Shop; Porcelain plate set by Arc Objects and vintage beige ceramic vase by Jenkins Ceramics

Cereal Magazine Volume 10 Agnes Martin Cover
A limited edition Cereal Volume 10 / Agnes Martin cover

Natalie Weinberger Ceramics at Still House NYC / Objects For The Home
Natalie Weinberger Ceramics: Pinna Mug, ceramic pour over mug / via stillhouse

Shimingura Box Broom / Everyday Objects
Shimingura Box Broom handcrafted by Machidukuri Yamajo / via Everyday Needs

Michael Verheyden marble vase / Modern Decorative Objects
Michaël Verheyden marble vase with removeable top which can be used as a paper weight / via march

Japanese Incense Holder / Home Accessories
Japanese Incense Holder / via Everyday Needs

Kartotek Paper Notebook / Minimalist Stationery
Paper notebook by Kartotek

Drinking Rocks by Runa Klock / Marble Objects
Geometrical drinking rocks by Runa Klock / via stillhouse

Sonadora Symmetrical Brass and Bamboo Silk Wall Hanging / Minimalist Objects
Sonadora Symmetrical Brass and Bamboo Silk Wall Hanging / via fern

Christiane Perrochon White Ochre Flower Vases / Minimalist House Decor
Christiane Perrochon White Ochre Flower Vases / via march

Caroline Z Hurley quilt / Minimalist Blanket
Full moon indigo quilt by Caroline Z Hurley

Tea / Spice Box by Tatsuya Aida /Minimalist Home Accessories
Tea or Spice Box Kurumi by Tatsuya Aida / via analogue life

Akari Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi / Minimalist Objects
10A Akari Floor Lamp by Isamu Noguchi / via mjolk

Linen Towel Holder / Everyday Objects Design
Linen Towel Holder / via march

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