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Finlandia Caviar

December 18, 2014

This wonderfully stylized placed in Helsinki called Finlandia Caviar is a shop and restaurant specialized in high quality seafood. Except non-vegetarian folks here can try most exclusives caviars of the world together with pricey vodkas and champagnes, they can fully enjoy the aesthetic of attractive Scandinavian surrounding.
Space is designed by Joanna Laajisto studio and the interior concept was to create fresh Scandinavian appearance that fits with historical building where bar is placed. Inspired by the Finnish winter landscape, designers used color pallets of subdued greys, creams and hints of blue and with the natural wood and lighting they created a warm and inviting place. All the furniture pieces and wood are by Finnish furniture manufacturers and local woodworkers.

Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant/ Eteläranta 20, Helsinki

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