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Fog Linen Work

January 18, 2016

Fog-Linen-WorkIn a sea of brands that embraced a natural lifestyle trend, Japanese homeware brand Fog Linen Work has always been special. Known for their simple and high-quality everyday linens, the brand was founded in 2001 by Yumiko Sekine. After the realization that it’s almost impossible to find affordable home linens, Yumiko started her own collection of linen goods for everyday use.

Even though the studio and store are based in Tokyo, the Fog Linen Work products are made from scratch in Lithuania, a land that has a rich history of flax growing. The production process from growing flax to sewing finished product allows reasonable prices. Besides home linens, the brand offers a collection of linen clothing that is embodying the ideas of simplicity and utility. Reflecting austere aesthetic, these linen goods became an epitome of simple and slow living.

Fog Linen Work website / shop

Fog Linen Work Apron / Linen Apron
Fog Linen Work Apron / Linen Striped Apron
Fog Linen Work Apron / Linen Apron
Fog Linen Work napkins /  aprons at La Garçonne /  striped apron 

Fog Linen Store Tokyo / Fog Linen Work
Tokyo Store / from Kinfolk feature

Fog Linen Work Robe
Fog Linen Work Clothing / Fog Linen Robe
Fog Linen Work Dress / Simple Linen Dress
Fog Linen Work Towelket / Home Textiles
Fog Linen Work robe, dress and towelket / all from La Garçonne

Fog Linen Work Bathroom
Fog Linen Work / Japanese Linen
Fog Linen Work Kitchen Towels
tea towels

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