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Granit by Silje Nesdal

November 22, 2015

Coming from designer Silje Nesdal, the designer responsible for the wonderful sofa bed Dorme and Mo bench, these wonderful Granit bookends are utterly exquisite in their simplicity. Made from leftover granite stone after the process of making tombstone monuments, these geometrical pieces give a new purpose to material that would be other wisely discarded. The sharp edges of the cube and triangular blocks are in the contrast to visual softness and playful colors of granite, while their weight allows their use as bookends. Simplicity is sometimes just a pure brilliance, especially when it comes from something that is conventionally marked as a waste.

Silje Nesdal is an Oslo-based interdisciplinary designer that combines her background in fashion and textile industry with product design. Inspired by local, Finnish and Japanese traditional use of materials and techniques, her designs merge simple and subtle forms and unobtrusive aesthetics.

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