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Hackney Home of Hanna Putz

January 23, 2015

Hanna Putz_apartment 1
Hanna Putz is Vienna-born photographer and former model currently living in London, in a light-filled house near Victoria Park. Located in vivid borough of Hackney, quiet house surrounded by green area also has its own garden where its tenant with her friends enjoys great food and wine under the candlelight during the summer days.
Those who live in London know how exhausting can be a pursuit of a proper place, but Hanna got lucky since she originally rented one room in the house and her landlord moved to Sweden leaving behind entire house. It’ all about paper in this house, so prints of Hanna’s sophisticated photographs embellish simple white brick wall while books and magazines are casually installed on the floor together with aloe plant. Sofa and side chairs upholstered in dark green fabric together with tall Kentia Palm and Pachira that are enjoying the change of the light and shade coming from the large windows, create calm and positive ambiance in the open living room.

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Hanna Putz_apartment 2 Hanna Putz_apartment 3 Hanna Putz_apartment 4 Hanna Putz_apartment 5 Hanna Putz_apartment 6 Hanna Putz_apartment 7 Hanna Putz_apartment 8 Hanna Putz_apartment 9Hanna Putz_apartment 10Hanna Putz_apartment 11 Hanna Putz_apartment 14Images by Thomas Lohr/ Freunde von Freunden

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