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Kirstie van Noort Ceramics

November 5, 2015

Kirstie van Noort is ceramicist, designer and researcher based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Besides being talented designer who is fascinated by porcelain, Kirstie’s interests go further to the very process of the pottery production, material study and its transformation. Her work is completely based on research and instead of focusing to find a perfect shape of an object, her intention is to tell the story through creating process.

In the service of the research, young ceramicist two times traveled to Cornwall, mineral-rich area known for china clay extraction and mines. She was surprised to find out that 1 kilo of white porcelain produce generates 6 kilos of waste. To utilize this waste from production process where imperfections are not allowed, she created astonishing collection named “6:1″ that is inspired with color, texture and structure of discarded material. Cornwall’s landscape that is filled with remains of industries of the past times when copper, tin and silver mines played an important role in area’s economy, gave this researcher another brilliant idea. Using twelve different materials sourced there, she developed a color chart with no less than 108 different paints that are applied as a color coating to earthenware and china.

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images are courtesy of Kirstie van Noort

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