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Design File: Marmoreal

March 2, 2016

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / Makers & Brothers Marmoreal kitchen board
Marmoreal is an engineered marble suitable for both interior and exterior architectural surfaces, designed by the British designer Max Lamb and produced by Dzek. The word marmoreal means “like marble”. This multifunctional material is composed of four significant Italian marble stones with 5 percent of polyester resin binders that make the material more stronger and durable than natural marble. Marmoreal explores and celebrates the individual qualities of four different Veronese marbles and skillfully balances 15th-century craft traditions with modern engineered-stone technologies in a waste conscious approach.

From its creation, Marmoreal showed that it could be used in many different ways, from the immersive bathrooms and kitchens to flooring or wall cladding. Max Lamb’s Marmoreal furniture designs are economic and architectonic and are created with the minimum  possible amount of waste. Each piece of furniture was designed around the standard tile and slab dimensions, ensuring the most efficient use of the material. Besides on the collection of furniture, Dzek and Lamb collaborated with Makers & Brothers on a collection of kitchen boards, with Cultured Magazine and Artsy on a collection of vases and with Maison Kitsuné on a capsule collection and the new staircase in one of their Parisian stores.

 Dzek  website / Max Lamb portfolio 

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase
Cultured + Artsy Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase No. 7, 2014

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase
Cultured + Artsy Marmoreal Scrap Scrap Vase No. 2, 2014 / see collection here 

Marmoreal by Max Lamb
Composed of four Italian marbles; Rosso Verona, Giallo Mori, Verde Alpi and Bianco Verona

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / Marmoreal Side Table
Side Table by Max Lamb, 2014

Marmoreal by Max Lamb
A bag of some of the smaller coloured aggregates used in material

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / London Exhibition
Marmoreal by Max Lamb / London Exhibition
A pictographic story of material making, London Design Festival

Marmoreal by Max Lamb / engineered marble
Marmoreal by Max Lamb / Dining Table Desk
Dining Table/ Desk comes in three separate parts: one slab top and two independent trestles, 2014
images courtesy of Max Lamb / Dzek

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