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Modern home in London

December 20, 2015

Macdonald Wright Architects Modern Home LondonThis bright and modern home at Parkholme Road is a home to architect James Macdonald Wright and his family. The Edwardian beauty from 1893 was renovated with a respect for the environment. A goal was to preserve the building’s historical integrity while achieving the high levels of energy reduction by using solar energy. All the materials were sourced locally, from the recycled copper cladding from Hackney Wick, coppiced chestnut fencing from Sussex to slate roof tiles from Wales.

Besides energy, another quest for Macdonald Wright Architects was a spacious living area. It’s created by incorporating terrace, kitchen, dining space and living area on the ground floor. On the first floor are nestled library, bathroom, and the children’s rooms. The top floor became a space for the main bedroom with bathroom, office, and walk-in-closet. The contemporary living room with the staircase is definitely a prime feature of the house that combines the old with the new. It also became a display for the architect’s beautiful collection of ceramics.

Macdonald Wright Architects

Dinesen Floors / Ceramic Display at Parkholme Road, London / Modern House
Minimal Interior Design/ Macdonald Wright Architects
Minimal Interior Design in traditional Edwardian house

Minimal Kitchen / Macdonald Wright Architects / Modern Residential Architecture
Macdonald Wright Architects / Minimalism Architecture
A perfect modern home that is sustainable and respects original traditional architecture.

Minimal Bedroom/ Macdonald Wright Architects Parkholme Road, London
Minimal Living Room / Macdonald Wright Architects
Rattan floor lamp from Michael Sodeau Bolla collection settled near white brick wall fireplace and Edwardian bay window.

 Macdonald Wright Architects Parkholme Road, London
Old Meets New Architecture / Edwardian facade at Parkholme Road, London
Macdonald Wright Architects / Architect Design

images via Macdonald Wright Architects / Dinesen

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