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PLACES: Mjölk Store

October 19, 2015

Reflecting the pure aesthetic of North, Mjölk offers classic and contemporary furniture pieces from Japanese and Scandinavian designers with an emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, and timelessness. Toronto-based store and gallery is located on the ground floor of the neat Victorian building with modern interior, while other two floors of the building are home for owners John and Juli Baker and their toddler.

Founded in 2009, Mjölk has become one of a favorite places to shop beautiful and carefully selected objects for simple living. When showroom becomes a gallery, in intimate atmosphere and in unique way are displayed works of Scandinavian and Japanese artist and artisans. Mjölk represents the best of the design of these two countries, as well as their in-house collection. Mjölk Made Collection explores the theme of daily ritual and is created in collaboration with international designers and local artisans. Together with Claesson Koivisto Rune is created Ceremony set, Luca Nichetto designed coffee set called Sucabaruca and Anderssen & Voll created a beautiful and practical collection of tools for indoor gardening. Apart from exhibitions, John and Juli also publish Mjölk Magazine and a series of books about travel, design, and craft.

Mjölk online shop / blog

store address: 2959 Dundas St W, Toronto
open Monday to Sunday; hours

Sucabaruca coffee set, Luca Nichetto for Mjölk Made

Alissa Coe exhibition

Anderssen & Voll indoor gardening collection for Mjölk Made


images via Mjolk / Ceral

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