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Plants by Polly Brown

January 21, 2015

pages from PLANTS book by Polly Brown
As a part of creating impersonations of landscape inside our closed doors, we also started to bring little preserved memories of nature into our working spaces. Most of us probably don’t think much on a daily basis about meaning of a plant installed on our desk.
Exactly is the background and story of one humble office plant in the focus of Polly Brown’s new photographic monograph called Plants. Brown, London-based artist and photographer after spending some time in offices of big fashion brands came up with idea of photographing plants found in the greyish corporate settings. On these 120 pages artist shows plants in the offices of world’s most iconic brands and companies. The photographs are a glimpse into the world behind the well-crafted logo and shiny veneer, and a single office plant serves for reinterpretation of perceived portrayal of corporate and cultural icons. Besides Plants is a great visual tale, it’s also a kind of homage to a small potted piece of nature and its owner.

Available at Pau Wau Publications
Polly Brown Plants_at ICA
Polly Brown Plants_at Viviene Westwood
Polly Brown Plants_at Burberry
Polly Brown Plants_at Dazed and Confused
Polly Brown Plants_at Veuve Clicqout
Polly Brown Plants_at Faberge
Polly Brown Plants_at Isabel Marant
Polly Brown Plants_at Proenza Schouler
Polly Brown Plants_at PumaPolly Brown Plants_at Margaret HowellPolly Brown Plants_at Mulberry

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