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Reality Studio

July 9, 2015

Reality-Studio Summer 15
There’s quite interesting theory behind the Reality Studio, Berlin-based label designed by Svenja Specht. For Specht, garment has a meaning of provider; it’s a home for our bodies that are adapting daily to ever-changing conditions and circumstances. Driven by this theory of adjustment plus questioning fast fashion production that is our reality, Reality Studio proposes new perspective that includes not just quality approach and genuine craft, but also observation of social and cultural aspects of clothing.

Reality Studio each season offers finely crafted contemporary garments that they visually describe with unique lookbooks. Created in collaboration with The Simple Society, their highly aesthetic stories are not just fixated on clothes, but are illustrating expeditions to other places, whether they are real or unreal. The result is always a fine-looking portrayal, just like in this case where Spring Summer 15 collection Elemente is represented in style that reminds of Mono-ha in such a nice and sophisticated way. Again, the clothes are not in the focus but are related to other objects and realities in creating another one, which is genuinely beautiful and ingenious.

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photography: Rita Lino / art direction & set: The Simple Society / styling: Kamilla Richter

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