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INTERIOR: Home in Salento

November 25, 2015

Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-SalentoIn a holiday home of Italian designers and architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba the contemporary meets the ancient. When the Milan-based designers found 17th- century oil mill in Sogliano Cavour, a small town in the province of Lecce, it was love at the first sight. They renovated the 4,300-square-foot dwelling keeping the original arches, stone walls and floors, preserving this way the charisma and raw beauty of a historical place.

The open living space with kitchen and dining area is perfectly composed, taking advantage of different levels of the ground floors and high vaulted ceilings. Even though magnificent arches are the décor itself, designers did a great job with interior design by furnishing the space with their own designs and local custom creations. The breathtaking living room is decorated with objects the couple designed for Zanotta. There are the sleek Loto and Ninfea garden tables, and the Pianoalto modular sofa, while in the corner with the vases by Gaux stands proudly the wonderful chaise lounge Lama. This dream retreat together with the whitewashed courtyard is in acquaintance with its surrounding and architecture of the Salento region.

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Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-1 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-2 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-3 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-4 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-5 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-6 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-7 Ludovica-and-Roberto-Palomba-vacation-home-in-Salento-8

images courtesy of Palomba SerafiniFrancesco Bolis for Dwell

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