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Spring Bedroom Escape

April 1, 2015

In the days when we start our practice of spring cleaning, when our closets are waiting to be reorganized and the warm air will allow painting of our walls we all want to beautify at least a little our man-made habitats. We will find joy in the small changes and delight when we will bring a new green friend or an object every now and then to its new home.

This is the time when also our bedrooms, spaces of our relaxation and rejuvenation will need a breath of fresh air. Not that we will spend just the spring moons there,  we will also enjoy the sunny afternoons reading or doing whatever we want. Therefore, in selection below we bring you a bit of bedroom inspiration and the most charming bedrooms where we want to escape these days;

Lovely bedroom of Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle in Netherlands

All white bedroom in seaside studio apartment in Barcelona

Guest bedroom in beach house of Kirsty Davey located in Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia

Loveliest raised bed and string shelf in bedroom of Wiesbaden apartment in Germany designed by Studio Oink

Bedroom with handmade hammock swing by non-perishable goods

Simple and white bedroom with air-purifier – Schefflera in Gothenburg apartment via Entrance

Cozy Kinfolk + tea bed with grey sheets and blush duvet from Cultiver

Bedroom with pallet bed found on Pinterest / Bedroom in Berlin apartment via Fantastic Frank

Minimalistic and wonderful bedroom of The Merrythought

Secret Garden made of hanging plants in bedroom of Sincerely, Kinsey

Joinery bed with artisan blanket made in Brazil

New York City bedroom of The Denizen Co. with Aesop products as decor

Hanging light, crate as bedside table and portrait of duck; details in bedroom of photographer Jakob Nylund

Lovely jungle bedroom with shelves above the bed of abridgetonowhere / ABT

Minimalist boho bedroom with Julia Kostreva “Stay Foolish” print via her shop

Hanging nightstand table DIY via The Merrythought / Bed with Teixidors merino blanket and linen sheets

Intsight styling for ecological home collection from Koko Klim

Wonderful bohemian bedroom in Stockholm apartment, via Fantastic Frank

Calm and lovely bedroom in Villa Lena, Tuscany

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