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Sophie Buhai Jewelry

April 11, 2015

Designer Sophie Buhai spent over a decade on fashion scene – name that immediately rings a bell was one part of incredibly cool New York womenswear line Vena Cava that was responsible for introducing us to fine separates and unpretentious interpretations of 1990s coolness. When Vena Cava became a history, Buhai moved from Manhattan to Los Angeles where in basement of her new Silver Lake residence influenced by Art Deco and California modernism started to practice the new craft; creating of home goods and jewelry.

This spring she launched a namesake collection of jewelry and home objects together with e-commerce site filled with beautiful images that represent Sophie’s aesthetic and new calling. (She is also interior consultant.) “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel—I’m just trying to make pieces you have forever”, Sophie says and her jewelry pieces that emphasize sculptural silhouette in solid sterling silver are really timeless. These exceptional body adornments are perfection pieces for contemporary woman that is lover of art and that down to earth vibe that Sophie now reinterprets from her sophisticated West Coast’s world. We are huge fans of Sophie Buhai jewelry and we think Brancusi barrette (inspired by father of modernist sculpture) is quintessential piece of the season and the finest hair barrette we’ve seen so far.

visit Sophie Buhai website here

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Limited edition collection of jewelry created during Sophie’s two-month artist’s residency in Villa Lena;

Sophie at her Silver Lake home / via Closet Visit

images courtesy of Sophie Buhai / Frederik Vercruysse

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