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Spaces Volume Two

November 26, 2014

little gold studios
Lovable Frankie Press, a little publishing factory of so many special things always has something to offer that we really desire. This time the object of our lust is second issue of Spaces, Volume Two, which is compilation of spaces and homes inhabited by Australian creative folks. And guess what, we are always in for a little peek into Aussie folks’ lives.

Little Gold Studios, coworking space in Melbourne

Matt and Lentil Purbrick’s countryside home and farm

“the designers, photographers, foodies, musicians and artists you’ll meet inside might have cleaned up a bit for their photos, but their homes aren’t fancy. these are the kind of places that take time and energy to put together, with some of the most precious things in them passed down through families, collected on travels or picked up from the side of the road. 

with a focus on resourcefulness and individual style, spaces celebrates the importance of home to a creative bunch of australians.” 

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