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Apothecary: Sans Ceuticals

December 6, 2015

Sans Ceuticals / Chemical-free Beauty ProductsEven if you are not the most dedicated Francophile, you may guess the connotation of the word sans. Well, the meaning of the word without has the great significance in the philosophy of beauty brand Sans [ceuticals]. The skin and hair care brand is founded by Lucy Vincent-Marr, a beauty industry insider, and environmentalist who believes that nutrition and well-being are a top priority. In 2009, together with the New Zealand’s top scientists, she started a journey to develop the products that are pure and chemical-free, yet designed to renew the texture and appearance of skin and hair.

Dedicated to products that are pure and free from unnecessary ingredients, New Zealand brand debunks the idea that natural products without nasty chemicals cannot be highly active. Sans [ceuticals] products are made from natural ingredients, with the exception of retinyl palmitate, which is a synthetic form of vitamin A, the holy grail of anti-aging. Besides the collection is designed to nourish and protect body and hair, it is also good to the environment with the carefully designed minimal packaging that is both biodegradable and reusable. Plus, they have an amazing blog/ journal filled with interesting articles about health and wellbeing, together with dozens of healthy recipes, beauty tips, and superb hairstyle tutorials.

visit Sans [ceuticals] website / journal

Sans Ceuticals Goji Cleansing Oil/ Natural Beauty Products / Apothecary

Sans Ceuticals Woman: Georgia Pratt / Sans Beauty Campaign

Model and designer Georgia Pratt is one of the Sans Women

Guide to Detox Bath / Home Spa by Sans Ceuticals
On Sans Journal there are many easy to follow, inspiring tips for wellbeing: their guide to detox bath

Hairstyle Tutorial by Sans Ceuticals / how to do minimal ponytail bun
Inspiring easy to follow hair tutorials like this one answering how to do a relaxed bun

Sans Ceuticals / minimal undone bun tutorial
Hair Tutorial by Sans Ceuticals / how to do Relaxed Low BunHairstyle Tutorial by Sans Ceuticals / how to do Birkin Knot
or this one explaining how to do Birkin Top Knot

Lucy Vincent Marr by The Selby
Owner and founder of Sans [ceuticals] Lucy Vincent Marr, featured on The Selby, is also a co-founder of the Department Store, the Lucy and the Powder Room and Stephen Marr hair salons.

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