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STYLE NOTES: On A Classic Shirt

November 20, 2015

Sherie-Muijs-photo-by-Greta-van-der-StarA simple, classic shirt is piece of clothing that is an essential, an icon and always excellent back-up item in the wardrobe of anyone dedicated to elegance and simplicity. However, finding and owning a classic shirt seems to be the catch 22. Good shirt has to be well-tailored but casual, not too short but not too long, details should be minimalized, pocket(s) on the right place and silly asymmetrical cuts that don’t make visual sense are wrong in every way. Not to mention the horrifying starched effect, which leads us to another conclusion; fabric has to be comfortable and soft but also not too gauzy. We are not wearing it as a swimwear, for Pete’s sake.

〈     〉

Well, it turns out that there is a designer who profoundly understands that a classical piece as a good shirt has a certain demands. In 2012, Sherie Muijs, New Zealand designer changed focus from womenswear she was designing to solely making of impeccably tailored, high quality shirts. Ever since, she has been designing collection of handcrafted shirts made of finest materials that are thoughtfully designed, perfectly cut and impeccably finished. Most important, the evolving collection of Sherie Muijs shirts each season brings a classic. Her flawless Shirt No. 01, this season made from 1960’s cotton poplin, is a perfect contemporary shirt of form and function, the classic by any means. Luxurious but as well modest and with every detail on the right place, it’s designed with intention to get even better with the wearing.

visit Sherie Muijs website / instagram

Sherie-Muijs-9-photo-by-Greta-van-der-StarBeautiful spread with Sherie Muijs shirts photographed by Greta van der Star

Sherie-Muijs-photo-by-Oliver-RoseSherie Muijs Shirt No.2 by Oliver Rose and Emma Gleason

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