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Sunday Breakfast In Bed

January 25, 2015

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week, Joseph Addison long ago said. We would just add to the written notion from the man’s keen mind that Sunday also appears to be a symbol of closure and blankness. While you will reconcile with happenings of the previous week, you will also clear your mind for the upcoming one. As lovers of personal little ceremonies, we also consider the symbolic meaning of the last day of the week as a day of real, honest pleasures.

Following that philosophy of pleasure, we all deserve, at least on Sundays, nice and proper breakfast in bed.  We picked for you two breakfast-suggestions from our dearest ladies that know how to use their ovens in a right way; Marta Gerber and Beth Kirby.  While the first recipe is on the savoury, the second one is on the sweet side, but both are great addition to your favorite read of the moment and lazy morning in the bed.

Savoury muffins with salmon, cream cheese and pesto from What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

savoury muffin 1 savoury muffin 2 savoury muffin 3 savoury muffin 4

Apple & rosemary buttermilk quick bread from Local Milk

apple-and-rosemary-sweet-bread-1 apple-and-rosemary-sweet-bread-2 apple-and-rosemary-sweet-bread

images courtesy of what should i eat for breakfast todaylocal milk

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