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The Artist: Justine Ashbee

September 25, 2015

Behind every object there’s a story.  Sometimes can be very plain, even arid, but still capable to evoke those pleasant feelings of beauty.  Sometimes there’s, let’s say, some kind of intriguing aura of complexity around an object that makes that experience of perceiving completely different. The same happened when we spotted hand-woven wall tapestries and works of artist Justine Ashbee.  Inspired by the timeless motifs of native and traditional woven craft work portraying mountains and time lines, Justine Ashbee combines geometric lines with shimmering metals to create luminary pieces of woven art that can be hanged on the wall, or even worn.

These pieces of art are gathered around name Native Line in beautiful collection of objects that carry a broad spectrum of wisdom. Beauty is Justine’s companion and her intention, but her desire is to infuse her works with great deal of depth, profundity and meaning. She uses materials sourced on her travels, and all pieces are hand-woven on a loom out of her studio in Brighton. With the background in fine arts and curating, she thinks that interdisciplinary activity is crucial for ongoing growth and evolution, so we shouldn’t be defined by one project or one way of doing things. She’s kind of artist who has a lot to say and give to the world, therefore we highly recommend to pop over to Apiece Apart blog and FvF (linked below) and read interviews with Justine.

Native Line website / store

Delightful feature and interview with Justine on Apiece Apart

Jasmine Ashbee and her lovely Brighton studio were featured recently on FVF


images are courtesy of Justine Ashbee / Apiece Apart / FvF

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