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THE ARTIST: Michael Riedel

October 23, 2015

Michael-Riedel-The-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog-David-Zwirner-2011One of those artists whose art cannot be criticized, work of contemporary artist Michael Riedel is critique itself. All about reproduction and recycling, installations in his signature minimalist style are taking the process of interpretation on a completely new level. Frankfurt-based artist who is today represented by David Zwirner, in mid 1990s started to develop his personal style of highly conceptual practice that is basically reproduction- of existing texts, objects and audio recordings that become than large-scale works and installations. Fascinated with text, his favorite painter is CMYK and his favorite writer is microphone. He also considers publications and materials that are accompanying his exhibitions as a part of the work.

Another interesting thing in Riedel’s background is that he is a persona-well-known on contemporary German art scene- with his artist mates, he organizes communal dinners named Freitagsküche (Friday Kitchen) hosted in the building where his studio is located. “Riedel would never call himself the new Andy, but the comparison is inevitable. He’s got a “factory,” a monthly magazine called Hundert5 that documents the goings-on there, and even an unmistakable personal style”, wrote Adam Fisher in New York Times feature named Michael Riedel, The Copycat. Well, it was about time that someone starts to create art from copy and paste!

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Kunste zur Text (Algorithmiques) / Michel Rein, Paris, 2012

Kunste zur Text (Algorithmiques) / Michel Rein, Paris, 2012

Untitled (color), 2013 / Silkscreen on linen

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog / David Zwirner, New York, 2011

PowerPoint / David Zwirner, New York, 2013

PowerPoint / David Zwirner, New York, 2013

Untitled (alt, print), 2013 / Silkscreen on linen

Installation view / Le Box – Fonds M-ARCO, Marseille, France, 2015

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