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THE ARTIST: Sabine Finkenauer

March 5, 2015

artist-sabine-finkenauerSabine Finkenauer is Barcelona based artist who communicates her conception of the world and objects through collages, paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Geometrical minimalistic compositions and juvenile insight of the matter make Sabine’s opus at the same time playful, significant and refined. Staring at her works brings us that feeling of the simple joy and we get to think that experience of life is really a perception. It’s up to us will we play it with ease or we will see it as complicated. One thing is for sure; when you simplify it, you manage to perceive the beauty of our kind and of objects that surround us.

“Everything in Sabine Finkenauer’s delightful oeuvre is a little flat, a little sketchy and more sophisticated than it appears at first sight. With a characteristic and mannered formal reduction of her figures, increasingly singled out using their basic geometric structural components, she has got us to believe that her paraphrasing of individuals and objects is in truth the result of a ingenuous, childlike and spontaneous perspective; it is almost as if the author, in a state of grace, or rather being funny (to be sure very nice and even amusing), approaches her task of portraying things with singular spontaneity and fluency, with great ease, taking a swift tour of the aspect they present to us and through which it is easier to recognize them.”(excerpt from a text by Óscar Alonso Molina.)

visit Sabine Finkenauer’s website and see below some of our favorite works;

sabine finkenauer 1
3 architectures /2010/ fabric

sabine finkenauer 2
house/ 2009/ acrylic on paper

sabine finkenauer 3
architecture/ 2007/ fabric

sabine finkenauer 4
flowers/ 2010/ wood

sabine finkenauer flowers
flowers/ 2013/ pencil/ collage on paper

sabine finkenauer collage
flowers/ 2013/ pencil/ collage on paper

sabine finkenauer 7
sample/ 2010/ wood/ paint

sabine finkenauer untitled
untitled/ 2010/ wood/ paint

sabine finkenauer 9
head/ 2007/ lacqued iron bar

sabine finkenauer 10
paintings from 2008/ head + dress/ Sabine’s studio

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