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Townhouse by Elding Oscarson

March 4, 2015

You wouldn’t expect to find contemporary house in Japanese style in some small, rural town in Sweden, but opposites sometimes really do enjoy each other’s company. The same case is with Townhouse, minimalistic tall building located in coastal, medieval town Landskrona. House that reminds of wonderful Moriyama house fitting in an unusual way, looking like it belongs here, in this colored surrounding.

Architects Johan Oscarson and Jonas Elding with geometrical Townhouse wanted to create a razor sharp contrast and highlight the beauty of the surroundings. The tall and narrow building had to fit in the space between the houses and the spatial limitations were challenge to provide enough space for the living area. Inside of the house is opened maximally with glass windows that allow enough natural light from sparing Nordic Sun. Rooftop courtyard is simply incredible idea, same as the library that surrounds large square window. The separate building with moss-covered rooftop is built across the garden and serves as the home office.

Interior of the house is opening up to the garden, to the sky above and up to the street exposing the inside and offering views through the building. “The neighboring facades are closed, yet there is something deeply humane about their tactility, detailing, and ornaments. We want to contribute to the street with a faded border to the private sphere, with artifacts, furniture, plants, and patios; traces of human presence, consideration, and care,” architects add.


…And we thought it was just another architectural post, but investigators as we are we discovered a story on Dwell about couple that inhabits Townhouse. Johnny Lökaas and Conny Ahlgren are art collectors and the house was built for them. To see how the living space looks now and to read their story about the house, visit Dwell.


images by Åke E:son Lindman for Elding Oscarson, Mark Seleen for Dwell

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