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Traveling with kids

November 26, 2014
thewouwermanstraat residence in amsterdam

Living room in Wouwermanstraat residence in Amsterdam

Zoie Kingsbery Coe is parent of two that has been travelling with kids around the world managing her husband’s music career. Boring hotels and the fact that you have to figure out ways of entertaining kids in new environment, needed to be experienced to realize that world needs travel website that is devoted specifically to families.
That’s the how she came to brilliant idea for Kid and Coe. By offering rentals that completely suit family needs, she started company that has a mission to create feeling of the home away from home to globetrotting folks and their little ones. Therefore, Kid and Coe’s rentals are well-curated, unique, kid-friendly and they come with detailed specification of the property offered and the area.

While browsing through their website we pretended to be a little kids for a while and we selected a few places most special to us. Could it be possible to go on voyage to past now to become playful little ones again. Of globetrotting parents, of course.

the marcadet residence paris

Room at lovely gallery Marcadet residence in Paris

the stone street residence in nyc

Terrace at Stone street residence in New York City

the brackenbury residence london

Room in Brackenbury residence in London

the faubourg residence in  paris

Vivid living room of Faubourg residence in Paris

the sulivan road residencelondon

Toddler room details at Sulivan road residence in London

the sherbrooke road residence in london

Living area of airy Sherbrooke road residence in London

Garden area at Pierre Levee residence in Paris

Garden area at Pierre Levee residence in Paris

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