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December 15, 2014

tuckbox featured
Tuckbox is contemporary furniture company with a story that begins in a dusty shed in Melbourne, at the hands of craftsman and industrial designer, Dan de Groot. Each piece of this handmade furniture is born from a love of making and is made locally with sustainable  beliefs.  The idea of their tuck box treasures are pieces that carry the stories of memories and home, can be transported easily  and are designed to work in smaller spaces.
Tucxbox designs (Klein and Rex stools, MJ console and tables named Place and Gather) are available in their online shop and every ordered piece is unique and made by hand to order. We adore small version of MJ console with steel support bracket, designed for spaces where standard table won’t fit. We think this is the perfect bedside table solution for generation in movement.

tuckbox 1
tuckbox 2
tuckbox 3
tuckbox 4

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