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Two Fold Clothing

February 14, 2017

Two Fold - Clothing Line by Morgan Wagstaff
Two Fold clothing line embraces the philosophy of slow fashion and slow living movements. The North Carolina-based brand founded by Morgan Wagstaff aims to offer the curated collections of upgraded basic and smart wardrobe pieces, with a focus on social and environmental consciousness. Created in small batches, Two Fold capsule collections will be showcased twice a year, and available online made-to-order. 

To celebrate the launch of the very first Two Fold clothing collection, we talked to creator Morgan Wagstaff who after the years of working in fashion, realized she doesn’t believe in practices of  the industry that in process of generating wealth is exploiting employees and using poor-quality fabrics harmful for environment. This, and the desire for creation was the reason to build something she believes in- her own sustainable womenswear line. In  the interview below, she advises us on “how to be a conscious consumer”, speaks about the challenges of being a small business owner and how she spends those precious leisure moments between managing her labor of love- Two Fold.

Two Fold - Clothing Line by Morgan Wagstaff

∼ If you could describe your label in three words, what would they be: “Functional. Feminine. Playful.” ∼

Two Fold - Clothing Line by Morgan Wagstaff
What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far with Two Fold?

My greatest challenges are brand awareness and the cost of the product. It is expensive to create products that are made in the USA from sustainable materials. And while selling directly to the consumer (rather than through established retailers) keeps the price down, it could limit our reach. It’s been difficult to reach people who aren’t already a part of the slow fashion movement. Consumers have reservations about the higher expense and time involved in receiving made-to-order pieces so they’re less likely to make the investment. It’s imperative to connect with like-minded people to help spread the word. It’s not enough to just have an idea- you have to find a way to expose that idea to as many people as possible.

Two Fold is basically a one-woman-show, and collection is really impressive. How do you manage to do everything?

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been easy. It’s been difficult wearing so many different hats while keeping my life intact. I’ve learned to build habits, such as meal prepping on Sundays to have food ready for the week or having a morning routine that works for me, that help to make sure my life outside of Two Fold doesn’t suffer. I have also learned to be very deliberate with my time. Whether it be setting time limits to push myself to work faster, always having a checklist for the current and next day, or making sure to get my sleep because I do not function well without it. I’ve also had some amazing family and friends help when things got to be too much. Shout out to my sister for taking care of my pup, Sadie!

Two Fold Clothing
Two Fold ClothingCan you tell us a bit about the current collection?

This collection is comprised of seven versatile pieces made in the USA exclusively of eco-friendly fabrics- comfortable elevated basics that fit perfectly into any wardrobe. Two Fold is a small batch sustainable women’s wear brand with a focus on social and environmental consciousness. For this collection, I went with organic cotton twill, tencel, raw silk and a beautifully hand-woven cotton. This collection was primarily inspired by my own closet. There are key pieces I wish I had in my closet and I wanted to see a collection of basic building block pieces that fit into any wardrobe, but I wanted them to be interesting. A lot of the basics on the market can be boring and mundane. These pieces have a little something extra- the hand-woven fabric of the top and dress, the deep pockets of the tapered pant, and the pop of color, which adds interest to an otherwise simple tee.

What can we expect in the future of Two Fold clothing?

I want to experiment more with silhouette and movement. I love the contrast between feminine and masculine, so I would love to experiment with androgyny and contrast. I have also been dreaming up a line of home goods that I may play around with in the near future!

Is there a maybe a new technique you would love to learn, or maybe there are some special fabrics you would love to implement in your future collections?

I am in love with natural fibers and fabrics. I am looking forward to working more with linen, hemp, and wool for the cold seasons. I am also intrigued by textiles being created from recycled plastic bottles, and would love to experiment with that. My favorite things to wear are sweaters. You will see me in a sweater well before it’s truly cold enough to wear them and well after it’s warmed back up, so I really yearn to work with knitters and knitting machines to bring some ideas to life.

Two Fold - Sustainable Clothing
Two Fold - Sustainable Clothing
I love the sustainable shopping guide you wrote recently on Two Fold’s journal. How did you become a “minimalist” – was it a process or it just came naturally?

A little bit of both. I was personally yearning for a simpler lifestyle, and once I discovered the principles of minimalism, it snowballed from there. It didn’t happen overnight. I started small and purged my wardrobe and then worked to build habits that eventually bled into every area of my life.

What would be your advice for the ordinary people who still want a change but stick with the “fast fashion bad circle” because of the financial incapability to invest in good pieces?

Start with one piece at the time. Begin with versatile pieces that you can find ways to wear through every season. Look at your closet and find the holes. Find what you’re missing and go from there. It’s important to have a solid foundation of pieces that you feel confident in and will wear over and over. And as for the price, I know it can be scary for some people and seemingly unreachable. Look at the price per times worn. That was what did it for me. I bought my first investment piece (a sweater from Han Starnes) and have had it for over a year now and in the colder months wear it almost once a week. I’ve probably worn that sweater over 100 times, so the price per wear is really worth it. In contrast, I bought a dress from Old Navy because I liked the style and it was dirt cheap. I wore that dress a handful of times and now the fabric is pilling and there’s a rip in the armhole, just from everyday wear. It’s worth it if you ask me!

Two Fold -Sustainable Clothing
Two Fold Clothing
What do you do in your free moments…are there any special rituals you enjoy?

I love doing yoga and spending time in prayer. It helps to center my mind and gives me a few moments of quiet before a crazy busy day.

And your vision of a perfect weekend would be?

My perfect weekend would be a trip to the mountains with my family and dearest friends. I love the clean crisp air and open space of nature. I feel most myself when I’m free to roam and explore our beautiful earth. I love waking up in the morning grabbing a cup of coffee sitting on the front porch laughing with the people most important to me. Simple, but it’s my perfect weekend.

Two Fold Clothing
With the launch of the Two Fold clothing debut collection, modeled by Reese Blutstein alias double3xposure, there’s ongoing crowdfunding project on Kickstarter.
find more about Two Fold clothing here

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